Delia rich anti wrinkle cream 50...

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Delia Sermi rich anti wrinkle cream 50 ml

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Delia Sermi rich anti wrinkle cream 50 ml


Rich anti-wrinkle cream from Delia Cosmetics Dermo System is for you, if you:


    • have mature skin,
    • have dry and sensitive skin, prone to irritations,
    • want to regenerate and nourish your skin, at the same time inhibiting its ageing processes,
    • need to protect your skin against the impact of cold, wind, frost, and harmful external factors,
    • want to have supple, healthy-looking skin,
    • value safe and gentle skin care products,
    • like rich cream consistencies,
    • want to enjoy your everyday skin care.

Are the above also your needs? If so, you can be sure that this cream is for you, because it is the best for dry and sensitive skin:

    • contains: shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E, allantoin, licorice extract, sea collagen, verbena extract,
    • does not contain: parabens.

This cream has been tested by women with mature and sensitive skin. Their assessment proves its effects after only 4 weeks of regular use:

  • minimizes the sensation of skin dryness and tightness,
  • smooths wrinkles,
  • does not cause irritations and restores comfort to dehydrated skin,
  • keeps the skin moisturized all day long,
  • gives the sensation of suppleness and smoothness.


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