Eveline cosmetics eyelash serum with argan oil

1. Doubles the volume of lashes

2. Extends and strengthens

3. Nourishes and regenerates

4. Increases eyelash growth

5. Prevents eyelash loss

Innovative product combiningproperties of rebuilding serum, hair growth activator and mascara base.

Innovative formula rich in advanced active ingredients acting in synergy with arganoilshows strong regenerating and nourishing properties.

Professional, specially designed flexible brush and satin consistency of the serum givesyour eyes a hypnotic look


Serum contains a specially selected active ingredients:

•bioHyaluronComplexTM because of high concentration of hyaluronic acidinstantly penetrates into eyelashes structure, intensely moisturises,smoothesout and stimulates their growth.

•Luxuryof youthcomplexTM rich in precious arganoil, perfectly regenerates, nourishes and strengthens eyelashes. Effectively restores and protects the hair fibre against harmful external factors.

•D-panthenol(pro-vitamin B5)immediately penetrates into eyelashes, moisturises, smoothesout and thickens hair fibre, gives shine, protects, regenerates and strengthens eyelashes from the roots to the tips.