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La Lux Exotic Body scrub

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La Lux Exotic Body scrub

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La Lux Exotic Body scrub

  • 24 hours moisturizing
  • Applicable for dry and normal skin

Argan body scrub is dedicated for dry, rough and damaged body. Innovative formula rich in advanced active ingredients quickly and softly exfoliate dry skin, softens your skin and eliminates dry and rough skin. It contains bioHYALURON COMPLEX™ which provides  your body with long- lasting moisture, regenerates and softens skin.

Complex results 8 in 1:
1)    Softly cleans and exfoliate your skin
2)    Intensive moisturizing
3)    Restores silky smooth
4)    Regenerates and nourishes
5)    Enhance elasticity
6)    Minimize dark spots
7)    Evens skin ton
8)    Soothes sin’s irritations


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